Injured on the Job in California

If you are injured on the job in California, your journey into the workers compensation system begins with filing a DWC-1 claim form. This claim form should be readily available and provided to you via your supervisor, manager, human resources representative, and the like once you inform them of your work injury. Once the claim form is completed, the insurance company is involved as it is law that every business in California must have workers compensation insurance.

The end of your case is typically a monetary settlement called a Compromise & Release. During the life of the case, from completing a DWC-1 claim form to signing a Compromise & Release, crucial issues and decisions arise including, but not limited to, which doctor you should see, what financial options are available if you’re unable to work, which body parts can be covered, work options, the qualified medical examination process, and permanent disability percentage. Hiring an attorney at the start of your claim can relieve the stress of going at this alone and guide you through this process with the aim of getting you the best possible outcome.